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  • What is the difference between “public tables” and “private tables”?
    Anyone can participate in public tables. The tables are created by the provider. At a private table, on the other hand, only those who receive an invitation from the person who booked the table can play.
  • What is the difference between small and big tables?
    The only difference is the number of participants. Small table with 25 and big table with 55 players.
  • What if nobody takes a seat at the table but me?
    The table stake will be refunded.
  • Can I sit at the same table several times?
    Not at the same table, but you can bet the matches again and play at another table. Imagine it this way: there is a room that can accommodate an unlimited number of tables. If you have previously taken a seat at the current table, you will be assigned to another table. This can also mean that will be seated at a newly opened table. This avoids your sitting across from yourself at a table.
  • Table closed. Why?
    With the kick-off of the first listed match, the table is closed.
  • How do I invite friends to the table?
    Take a seat at the table yourself, invite them to the betting slip using the WhatsApp or Facebook buttons. If the table is closed, the buttons are no longer available.
  • Can I cancel a "private table"?"
    No. The table stake will be refunded, but the table reservation fee will not.
  • What is the odds?
    The odds is a second parameter to enable a finer ranking.
  • What if a match listed at the table is postponed or canceled?
    Quite simply, the match is ignored in the scoring. The table, i.e. the bet is ended anyway. As usual, the bet is placed under "Closed" bets.
  • Game credit is used up. Now what?
    Use the "Reload credit" function in the account settings; fresh credit can only be reloaded if you are lower than minimum credit. This process can be used any number of times. When you reload, you get a lower amount than when you opened the account.
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