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Public tables are divided into two sizes;
Small Table 25 | Big Table 55 players

  1. A correct prediction = 1 point.

  2. Additional there are odds, it is based on the predictions received from all the members, the more difficult it is to make a correct forecast, the higher the odds.

  3. If two or more players share a rank, this prize category will be distributed equally.

  4. For a table reservation, in order to be able to play in a closed group, a fee of 2 credit will be charged. Such tables are limited to 999 players.

  5. Betting twice at the same table is not possible. If you want to play again in the same room but have already played at the current table, you will be automatically placed at another table - it may mean that you will also be placed at a newly opened table.


There are three variants of distributions:

2-10 Players

1. place 100%

11-25 Players

1. place 60%

2. place 25%

3. place 15%

>25 Players

1. place 60%

2. place 25%

3. place 10%

4. place 5%

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